Tutorials, Tips and Useful Links

This Page is still under development, but feel free to look at current outline.

Here you can read my tutorial on Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns for beginner programmers.


OOP for Beginners

There are lots of good tutorials out there about OOP concepts; I will not repeat what they have done. My ways of teaching a beginners is by dissecting high quality sample projects, giving deep analysis on every important parts of the projects (might include some performance tuning); so they will know how to apply the correct concepts, and techniques. For now the available sample projects are in C++ only, we might need to adjust some of the requirements in the projects so they can be applied with Java or C#.

For you who knows Non-OOP programming languages (C, VB, Erlang, Scheme, etc) you will not have problems learning OOP (C++, Java, C#), you can go to section three directly, download the sample projects and finish them using your own resources if you like to.

Right now I need permission from my previous teacher for uploading my previous assignments here as sample projects.