Hi All,

My name is Indra Kurniawan, I came from Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently living in Arlington, a nice city around Dallas - Forth Worth Metroplex area; nice city if you have a car. And do not like to go to parties that much . And since this is my personal page, the content is not as formal as my resume page so if you are a prospective employer, please forgive my use of grammars.

I am temporarily working as a tech support for Verizon Online DSL, so as you may already guessed, I have a "Strong Mental" and good "Emotional Health" as side effects of taking daily doze of close encounters with few furious customers .


  • Badminton: If you stay in Dallas/Forth Worth area, you can play in these places: University of Texas at Arlington, Irving recreational center or dallas recreation centers; The list is here.
  • Volleyball: Now I cannot jump as high as I was in high school; physical factors that I refuse to disclose .
  • KARAOKE: I missed this one; since I came to USA I haven't done this activity. I used to sing a lot with my gang back home, miss singing with you guys; well except for my shifted tone singer pal "Suardi Maya Marsono "; I still have Goosebumps remembering him singing rock song, write my guest book guys (in English or Indonesian please, no Javanese, no Medanese, no Palembangese and no jambese).
  • Reading: My favorite place is Barnes & Noble, free reading materials combined with starbucks coffee, comfortable sofa and soft background music, what a heaven.


  • Elementary school: Baptis Elim; not too much competition; but hei! We were only kids what we wanted were other than studying.
  • Junior High School: Baptis Elim; still not too much competition; no problem getting inside top 10 ; Baptis Elim gangs, sign my guestbook will you.
  • High School: SMAK1, now changed to SMUK1, too much competition; Argh! how I hate those Chemistry classes; studied from 7 am till 3 pm, what an elite school; but I played volleyball every lunch break with my high school gang under the hot sun.
  • University: Trisakti University; Graduated from Electrical Engineering; Tried to find suitable Engineering Job for 3 months during Indonesian economic crisis; Failed, so here I am now in America.
  • Masters: University of Texas at Arlington; It was so difficult to study computer science since I was only using BASIC and Pascal back home during one or two classes; Countless sleepless night, but it pays off. Since I got engineering background, I had no problem with logic and problem solving; The problems were time and work loads, glad those days are over. Now I am back as I was before, trying to get a suitable job for my degree during American economic crisis .


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